Certified by the Government, ensure purity of origin

Certified top varieties of rice by Government

Abundant sunlight and tropical climate nuture paddies

Unique eco system and fertile land is nurtured by endless supply of pure rain water and the flooding season.

Rich alluvium from Mekong River

Soils in the Mekong River Delta are highly variable, but alluvial, acid-sulfate, and saline soils dominate. Mostly along the banks of the Tien (Mekong) and Hau (Bassac) rivers, there are the best soil that 2-3 crops can be grown each year.

Rice growing experience from generations

Our rice farmer heritage provides generation of accumulated knowledge.

Global quality and organic standards

Lotus Rice represents the best Vietnamese rice: fragrant, soft texture, flavourful and nutritious. From the fine white Jasmine rice to wholesome brown rice, each bowl of LOTUS Rice provides an experience that brings comfort, warmth and a sense of home.


Farm and Raw Material Utilization

Winter Spring Foods – Human relationships and its impact to create a system that ensures the great consistency of the quality and quantity of our rice.